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Pre-School Ballet and Birthday Parties 

Agape Dance Academy specializes in preschool ballet classes aged 2-7 years for the princess who loves to twirl and for the prince who thinks its swell. Agape Dance Academy teachers have extensive training in primary dance level education including a specific  curriculum with utmost care and attention to  cognitive learning capabilities, motor skill levels, and attention to creative inspirational techniques .  The curriculum is specifically designed to inspire each dancer to develop the  love and skills of dance that will last a lifetime!

With a firm focus on the joys of classical ballet, classes aim to fire up young imaginations while teaching the fundamental elements of dance.

The classes develop co-ordination and boost confidence but most importantly students  can twirl, pirouette, plié, jeté and pointé their toes all day.

Agape Dance Academy has  a totally unique combination delicately packaged to inspire young souls. It instills highly trained classical and jazz ability  together with creative visual technique.
Handmade props to delight the senses, wands and wings and lots of exclusive – Secret ballet things.

Agape Dance  Academy captures the pure essence of dance. Each step, leap, pirouette & squeal of delight means it’s time to plié, tendu, turn out & dance about.

Birthday Parties

Wonderful Princess or Prince Birthday Parties available on Saturday and Sundays.  Cake, ballet classes with a live ballerina in a stunning tutu will teach a 45 minute class with time for cake and presents for the guest of honor.  

 Party Packages:

$195.00  10 invitees, decorations, class, and dance passes, you  bring the cake.

$155.00  10 invitees, ballet class, dance passes,  you   bring decorations and cake.  

A 50% deposit is due at time of booking .  E-mail to book your party today!